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Spoilers Week of November 22nd:

-Babe tells Bianca that she not only needs to come to Florida right away---but she has to get JR to bring Bess there, too

-Bianca and Kendall plot to bring JR to Florida at Babe's request

-Bianca suspects that Babe has a plan to kidnap Bess from JR.

-Kendall and Bianca spar as Kendall threatens to tell JR what Bianca and Babe are up to.

-Bianca realizes she left her cell phone at JR's and heads to his house to retrieve it

-Adam and JR have surprises in store for David and Krystal on Thanksgiving

-Thanksgiving proves eventful for the Kanes and the Chandler

-JR invites David and Krystal...and Brooke and Tad to Thanksgiving dinner at the mansion

-JR plots against those who are keeping Babe's secret...and vows they will pay a price

-During dinner, Bianca's cell phone rings--with Babe on the other line

-Tad threatens to tell JR the truth about the babies if David doesn't reveal their whereabouts

-Bianca arrives at the Chandlers, mid-chaos

-Kendall encourages JR to go to Florida to attend a charity event/benefit concert for the Miranda Montgomery Center

-JR agrees to go to Florida

Spoilers Week of November 29th:

-JR threatens David

Coming Soon....

-JR ends up in Florida, performing at a benefit concert for the Miranda Montgomery Center.

-The climax of the baby swap story begins to take shape when David, Krystal, Bianca, Babe, JR and Jamie all land in Florida

-Tad's decision about whether to tell JR the truth has ripple effects for Brooke, Kendall and JR

-Erica plays a pivitol role in the baby story
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