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Dedicated to Jacob Young

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Welcome to jacob_youngfans! The first LiveJournal community dedicated to the Emmy award winning actor and musician, Jacob Young, who is best known for his roles as 'JR Chandler' on ABC's 'All My Children', 'Lucky Spencer' on ABC's 'General Hospital' and 'Rick Forrester' on CBS' 'Bold and The Beautiful.' Also, for his self-titled album. Nicole and I hope to create a large community of fans that agree that Jacob is underappreciated, goregous, and talented.

++____ Your Moderators

Gina: _subversive
Nicole: _icantbeperfect

++ ___ Rules

1 ___ All posts MUST be related to Jacob Young.
2 ___ Please lj-cut spoilers, icons, graphics, or long articles.
3 ___ Hating on Jacob, his characters, OR anything the members of this community create or posts will NOT be tolerated.
4 ___ We may delete your post if it's off topic or contains something offensive.
5 ___ We have the right to ban any member who cannot follow the rules.
6 ___ No one OWNS Jacob .. as much as we would like to, so please don't be all .. "LYKE OMG JACOB IZ SOO MYNE!"
7 ___ Just have fun. =)

++ ___ Basic 411 & Misc. on Jacob

Full Name // Jacob Young
Birthplace // Roy, Washington
Currently Residing // New York City
Birthday // September 10th, 1979

Jacob is a skilled wrestler and while in high school, was nationally ranked in Freestyle and Greco-Roman style wrestling

Jacob has two older sisters and one older brother.

Ironically, Jacob's first self-titled CD debuted on 9/11/01, the same day our country was attacked.

He has a cat named Dusty.

Jacob acted in plays such as Guys and Dolls, Grease, Wizard of Oz, and Our Town

Jacob was nominated for Outstanding Younger Actor in 1999 for his role as Rick Forrester.

Won Outstanding Younger Actor in 2002 for his role as Lucky Spencer.

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