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Spoilers Week Of 11/08

-Adam and JR butt heads, as JR tells Adam to stop looking for Babe and Jamie

-Erica questions JR about the letter

-JR tells Erica that the letter Babe wrote is a pack of lies

-Erica believes JR's explanation

-JR returns to the scene of the helicopter crash

-JR thinks back to the night of the crash and remembers Babe's mention of their "son"

-Heartbroken, JR realizes that Babe's confession about Miranda is probably true

-JR goes into denial, as he refuses to give into the possibility that he may lose his daughter

-JR tears up the letter at the crash site

-Bianca learns that JR and Erica have read the letter Babe sent

-Kendall appeals to JR

-As a last hope, Kendall asks JR if HE will loan her the money to bail Ethan out of jail

-With the truth about Miranda fresh on his mind, JR turns Kendall down and whisks her out of the Chandler mansion

-Kendall is surprised and hopeless when her last chance, JR, refuses to lend her the money for Ethan's bail

-Bianca decides to trick JR into revealing the truth

-Having made no headway with her mother, Bianca goes to JR

-JR doesn't believe Bianca when she pretends that she's read Babe's letter

-Bianca continues to press JR for the truth

-Bianca insists she's not leaving the house til JR tells her what Babe wrote in the letter

-JR is moved when Bianca picks up Bess/Miranda

-JR tells Bianca that the letter stated their (Babe and JR's) baby died and that Bess is really her Miranda

Coming Soon.....

-Expect fireworks at Thanksgiving dinner, when JR invites David and Krystal to the gathering

-JR makes sure that those who kept Babe's secret pay the price

-Tad chooses Jamie's best interest over JR's...for the time being

-Tad and JR's relationship is even more strained after all truths are revealed
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